Illustration by Maja Stenstam

In all processes you need material and energy. To make something new you also need an idea. To make something difficult you might also need help.

Irene Atance Garcia and the company Go Cirkulär needed help. The idea and the raw material were shared with us and so was her incredible energy! Her vision and entrepreneurial passion fuelled the team and made us into the superheroes we want to be.

Irene came with a raw material that is currently being discarded within the supply chain in Skåne. She hoped that it would contain something of value for formulating nice products in line with Go Cirkulär’s strategy. That is where we started.

We took the material to upcycle and within three months (approximately one month actively) we accomplished the following:

  1. Characterized the material
  2. Extracted various components with potential
  3. Analyzed the fractions, with HPLC and other methods
  4. Performed application tests 
  5. Developed a set of prototypes

Now, Go Cirkulär can potentially develop a new production line. The process will be further optimized in parallel, to assure as resource reduced process as possible. All of this will be as fun – because working with Go Cirkulär is.

We are very happy for the privilege to be able to use our experience, expertise and creativity for up-cycling businesses as represented by Go Cirkulär. It is in line with how Team CR want to use the platform of CR for a better future for us all. 

Active team members in this project were