Today, Johan leaves us for new adventures! He has decided to take a PhD in physical chemistry and we wish him all the best with this challenge.

Speaking of challenges, last week, we were all attending The Bridge Summit in Lund where our world’s global challenges were in focus and on how we can work towards a good world for everyone, with our knowledge, technological achievements, sense of cross business solutions and ambitions. As a preparation for this summit, all at CR were asked to think about “which global challenge would you like to be a part of solving?” .

The challenge Johan wants to be a part of is  “Affordable Health for Everyone” and his route towards a PhD in physical chemistry will help him on this quest. Together with his old co-workers here at CR we can work on decreasing cost by making manufacturing robust and making it right first time by thinking ahead… Here are some examples of what we can do together:

  • finding the root cause for batch variations
  • assisting generics companies so that scaling-up is swift
  • helping to choose the right polymorph or salt before the clinical phases are started…
  • speed up development by smart tech transfers from us to GxP
  • combine pharma with our MRI technologies to skip the biopsy phases for neurological diseases!
  • increasing stability and shelf life by selecting the right ingredients and packaging material

Johan will have Stefan Ulvenlund as one of his supervisors so fortunately he will stay in the CR sphere…