Four months in we finally have his picture taken and can tell the world properly!  Enamul Mojumdar joined CR in February 2023 and we want to take the opportunity to introduce him to all of you.

With Enamul, we have yet another incredible person who we trust loves a challenge and to learn from them and others. With Enamul, we also expand from physics and chemistry a bit closer to the living – to bio physical chemistry…

Already, Enamul has contributed with his experience in lipid colloidal chemistry and NMR. He has joined in projects related to skin feel, skin hydration and more recently in a project where we use solid state NMR to look at what effect various ingredients in a skin lotion has on the skin fluidity. He has also already written an Application note on this particular use of NMR.

The work at CR is diverse and so is our Team. We are very happy to have Enamul with us and know we will do even better with him. Read more about Enamul on the Teams’ page clicking here.