It is 2018, and CR has been around, helping industrial clients, for thirteen years. Much has happened and we have of course changed. We have been your advanced analytical lab, developed to be your problem solvers and now we get your trust to help your dreams come true. For some, we are your oxpeckers, helping you with annoying issues you cannot reach, or even see, yourself. For others, we are the guide dog who you can trust will take you where you need to go, even if it means crossing difficult roads. For many, we are the emulgator needed for academia and industry to mix while keeping to respective characters (as we also put in the energy needed too…). For those who have been with us the longest, we can be the inspiration to new scientific strategies and product concepts.

Going to work is almost always inspiring and fun, but we also sometimes need to get strength from within, from our purpose. As teenagers we have become more interested in existentialist questions such as What difference can we make? Who would miss us if we were not here, doing what we do? What would they miss? What are we really capable of?

So, at our yearly kick-off together we invited Jonas Klevhag (picture) to facilitate our discussions and work towards answering all of that. We are convinced that we are ment to do Great Things and we used these days to battle between competing moon shots and start defining our company purpose. We welcome you to follow and contribute to our development this year, here or on LinkedIn or just by visiting and checking in on us. You see, we have figured out who we are, we are a Super Team of Listeners, Doers, Solvers and Brains. And we are going to be here for you, for each other and for the world.