We are proud to be one of 17 partners in the Vinnova finansed project that is to be the starting point of a new center for formulation of biologically derived pharmaceutical products: NextBioForm. Vinnova has decided to provide funding for three initiatives that together, through their different networks and approaches, will boost the Scandinavian product development of these drugs. In addition to NextBioForm these are CAMP – Centre for Advanced Medical Products, and CellNova.

Within NextBioForm several research projects will take place connecting service providers such as CR and new materials companies such as Enza Biotech with established pharmaceutical companies as Ferring and Sobi. CR will also take active part in the work that is aimed in particular towards bringing the technical resources at MAX IV closer to direct applicability.

In addition to classical work packages, CR is happy to announce that we will take part in an effort to discuss how product development can be made in the best, most innovative, competitive and efficient way from a global perspective looking at the different roles and capabilities and potentials of academia, institutes, society and private business. To our knowledge, this is the first time this initiative is taken from the respective parts and not only as a research project of someone else… and from CR it will be Anna Stenstam who will take part in this important work. We hope this will lead to a white paper on ways to leverage our eco system and steps to take to mitigate that the potential is lost.

Here is a nice interview with Anna Fureby, coordinator of NextBioForm.