Our CSO, Professor Stefan Ulvenlund has together with Professors Tommy Nylander (Physical chemistry), Patrick Adlercreutz (Biotechnology) and Marie Wahlgren (Food Technology) been granted 3 MSEK from The Swedish Research Council Formas for their project:

Oligomeric alkylglucosides – the sustainable production of a new class of biodegradable surfactants with increased and controllable function,  produced in a sustainable way from renewable raw materials.

Not only will this support our constant challenge to be in the scientific front line, it is also a proof of our role to work not only in the interface between academia and industry but also in the interface between several academic disciplines. We are very proud and happy.

We also know that another company here at the Chemical Center, Enza Biotech, with their method for production of oligomeric alcylglukosides will benefit from this study and we congratulate them too!