Many want to have access to us without further bureaucratic ado and they have Ad hoc agreements with us. This gives you easy access to Scientific Sanity Checks, very valuable in decision making, and Strategy Documents, valuable for the right start-up of any large project.

Using only our brains, paper and pens, we can through Scientific Sanity Checks provide advice from our perspective in for example a Due Diligence phase or as a part of the Risk Assessment in your start-up phase or the pre-clinical part of your pharmaceutical development plan.

The Scientific Consultancy service also gives you the possibility to just ask us to look at your data to help you sort it out, to plan a study for you, to join your scientific advisory board for a meeting etc.

Popular products are the Strategy Document, the Target Product Profile work-shop and the Scientific Due Diligence – will it fly?

We are accustomed to working with patent firms.