Enamul Mojumdar, our cricket playing photographer and cineaste, has a long experience of bio-physical chemistry, in particular the multifaceted colloidal world that keeps us all together: the skin. Already during his PhD in pharmaceutical science at Leiden University he focused on understanding the skin barrier and what happens with it when exposed to various substances or environmental factors. 

As a postdoc in Sweden he continued with this fascinating structure, studying how to nurture and heal skin, as well as deliver active substances through it. Frequently used techniques were X-ray diffraction, NMR, microscopy, calorimetry, HPLC and FTIR.   

Enamul is as multifaceted as the skin he has dedicated the early years of his career to. The complexity of the skin makes it impossible to understand using only one technique. Thus, Enamul’s experience of joining many pieces to one picture is well suited for life at CR.

At CR we enjoy how he takes on complex systems and helps us cross the border to biological living matter (he even has a license for in-vivo studies!).