In our perspective, working with new materials is looking closely at them, building understanding dominantly through studies of their surface. Looking closely at a solid flat surface – really close for example with Atomic Force Microscopy– reveals many important and colloidal aspects that is important for the usage of the material; The surface is not flat. The surface is not homogeneous. The surface is fouled.

We are aware of all this and can work with it. We work with controlled mono- and bilayer systems. We are knowledgeable of miscibility and surface separation phenomenon. We work with modified surfaces to reduce unwanted adsorption and we have several ways in addition to AFM to study what happens on your material surface, for example Ellipsometry, QCM-D, ATR-IR, tensiometry, area to volume studies (BET) and electron microscopy.

In this field we have added innovation and new IP to our customer’s portfolios.