Here are some great news! Jonas Carlstedt has joined Team CR and we are very happy about this, for obvious reasons!

Together with Jonas we will have one additional creative yet critical pair of eyes on what we are doing, making our service even better. He has extensive experience working with various colloidal systems and experimental methods so together we can talk even more about the data, the results and what it all means!

During his time in academia, he used several experimental methods such as microscopy, fluorescence spectroscopy, synchrotron SAXS, NMR, DSC and he has a prepared a number of phase diagrams/maps to facilitate a deeper understanding of intermolecular interactions.  Visual observation using the bare eye has, however, often been the starting point for his work. Before joining CR, Jonas was working for the Swedish National Forensic Center and detective skills cannot be overestimated in the CR line of duty!

If you want to have a chat with Jonas, click here and pick up the phone!