Mimmi Eriksson, our active surface activity scientist, has extensive experience from a broad variety of lab work with different methods and techniques. She has a PhD in surface chemistry from the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden (KTH) specializing in liquid-repellent surfaces, superhydrophobic as well as superoleophobic.

After some years with academic as well as industry financed research projects at the Research Institute of Sweden, RISE, Mimmi decided to pursue a PhD in the same area as CR with which she could take on new roles at RISE.

Good for CR, she later moved to Skåne with her family where she enjoys the countryside with cycling and gardening among the treats. For CR that meant that Mimmi could join the team! Her expertise in surface modifications and characterization as well as formulations, using confocal microscopy, AFM and contact angle methodologies is very valuable to CR and our clients.

At CR we enjoy Mimmi’s grit and calm approach to our sometimes very challenging pursuits!