Ulf Ellervik

Ulf Ellervik is professor in Bioorganic Chemistry at Lund University. With a passion for the molecule and connecting the dots, he has written several books popularizing chemistry by showing how it is all connected with our life and its pleasures. Ulf has been rewarded many times for his outstanding lecturing skills and this is one of the reasons we know we work well together, another being his focus on the molecule. Both CR and Ulf believes you have to start by looking at the molecule… if you cannot draw it you haven’t understood it and you shouldn’t do it…

Ulf’s academic focus is on carbohydrates in biological systems. The philosophy of the Ellervik group is to use carbohydrates in a smart way to reach biological goals, i.e. to intervene biosynthetic pathways and thereby use these for other purposes.

Here’s a link to Ulf’s all books about Evil Chemistry, The Chemistry of Pleasure etc (in Swedish).



Photo credit: Kennet Ruona