Cross-business learnings and gains is key to our way of solving complex problems. We enjoy applying understanding of interactions from a Pharma project in making a better solar cell. That is one of the reasons we work with you all. Another is that we want all knowledge to be used, for the better, always.

Personal Care

We have been active in this field, with both brand owners and ingredient providers since 2008. Examples of what we work with are the compatibility of polymer-surfactant combinations, the rheology of emulsions and suspending capacity of suspensions, coacervate formation and deposition on hair, or lotion effects on skin.

Home Care

If personal care is about moving active substances to a surface (skin or hair) while at the same time removing other, household care is the same but opposite! Here we also remove, and add… softeners, fragrances, smart films that facilitate next cleaning cycle.


With pharmaceutical companies we often get to develop new analytical methods and help the CMC departments in their work. We mainly work in pre-clinical stages with ideas for drug delivery formulations, initial stability and release investigations etc. We love the very challenging task of de-formulation for generica development. We are experts in excipient interactions with actives or substrates and can often help with the very important determination of critical characteristics of such excipients. We are also part of the Medicon Valley Inhalation Consortium (MVIC) and Medicon Valley Alliance.

Medical Technology

With MedTech companies we get to do almost everything thinkable, and we love it. Bioconjugation of peptides to substrates. Process optimization. Sterility checks. Finding the best CDMO for next step. Developing tailored assays and running initial stability studies. Ideation of new products. We are often engaged to assist in the relation with regulatory experts and authorities.

Sensor Technology

Recently, our capabilities in relation with Sensor Technology have got a lot of attention and it has its own page: you can read further here. We work with assay planning, development and validation as well as performance testing of sensors building on biochemical or chemical identification. Until we have written about our past cases, enjoy below an image of when our expert Roberto Ortiz oversees the performance test of a glucose sensor.


Food has become an increasingly exciting area for CR. This is due to the development of alternative food sources as well as the value in being able also in this area to connect consumer appreciation to colloidal structures. The savings in development time by having a set of studies that could be done in the lab to predict the results from sensorial panels is very large. Thus we work with both texturing and water hold, and with connecting physical chemical data to what we fancy.

Ingredients, Excipients

For the producers of polymers, surfactants, enzymes, peptides, waxes and oils… we not only characterise the materials we more often help with understanding compatibility of their ingredients with their clients’ active substances. We assist with pre-formulations and provide guides to how the material can be used and processed. We also provide technical marketing material.

Engineering, Materials and Processes

Within this industrial area we include heat exchangers, packaging materials, filters and solar cells… projects and clients we have where the substrate, the material is in focus rather than the formulated liquid or gel that is in contact with it. In these projects we often get complicated root-cause-investigations. We often use surface characterization methods and we get to work more with our engineering skills.